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Welcome to Hammock Consumer

Hammock Consumer is an emerging, consumer focused healthcare company located in Charlotte, NC, dedicated to finding and providing topical, non-allergenic, natural-based solutions to treat a variety of skincare needs. Due to health education and rising prescription costs, consumers are increasingly taking control of their healthcare decisions. Hammock Consumer endeavors to meet consumer demands by offering a variety of over-the-counter products via e-commerce, in select markets, and eventually on a national retail basis.

Our core mission is to offer superior over-the-counter products, engage customers in better understanding their healthcare needs and to provide an ultimate customer service experience.


The Hammock leadership team has over 80 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Learn more about our leadership team below.

William Maichle

Chief Executive Officer

Janice Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

Athletes Gel

Hammock’s lead product, Athletes Gel, launched in the Fall of 2019. Athletes Gel is a topical analgesic (pain reliever) that is plant-based, not animal tested and contains paraben free active ingredients that provide maximum pain relief. The introduction of Athletes Gel will be followed with a repair and restorative cream to address the skin irritation and sensitization associated with adult incontinence care products.

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To learn more about Hammock Consumer and Athletes Gel, please contact William Maichle, CEO, at wmaichle@hammockconsumer.com or info@hammockconsumer.com.

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